10 meter FLdigi practice

Discussion in 'Digital Modes' started by Gilbert Skip Kauffman, Mar 1, 2016.

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    I have tried to have some tech folks on digital using 10 meters....I think one good purpose you may have with 10 meters is the bands is not stable...Also, it will train the Techs to use a simplex digital mode....10 meters is not utilized as much as it could be.... There is plenty of room for digital work PSK or other modes...

    Try to get a group on 10 digital PSK is fine start....maybe some techs will join and continue on to general and extra....10 mobile is fine for Fox Hunting or DF'ing or GPS using 300 baud packet mode..... Direction Finding
    is a good tool to learn....

    Try 10 meters, it may surprise you !
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