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    Luzerne County ARES® Sunday Night Bulletin
    "We don't rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training."
    Archilochus - Greek Poet and Soldier

    "Success is not Final. Failure is not Fatal. The only thing that matters is the courage to carry on."
    Winston Churchill
    If you are not aware of what the ARRL Board is doing then it is time for you to get informed!


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    Bulletin Date: June 10, 2018
    Bulletin Number: 202

    This Bulletin is for all Amateur Radio Operators in Luzerne County and any interested Amateur Radio Station anywhere.

    Note: A copy of this Bulletin is stored on the web site in .wav file format. This file can be replayed by Fldigi and Flamp to get the complete Bulletin.

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    - Important: The Sunday Night Bulletin is required reading for all LCARES Members. If you are busy look for the things with the ! in front of them.

    Luzerne County ARES®Net Control Schedule
    The Rotation Schedule for the LCARES Voice net has been posted on the Last update: April 24, 2018

    Please be sure to review the NCS schedule before the upcoming nets.

    !Luzerne County LCARES Announcements...
    (These will be read by the Alternate NCS during the regular weekly session of the LCARES Voice Net.)

    * - indicates that announcement should not be read on the LCARES Net.

    1. The records of the LCARES indicate that 14 LCARES members have the ability to operate on 6 Meter FM. In response to the 2018 Comm Ex and the comments stating that a 6 meter vertical antenna would work there will be a test conducted on June 16th from Ricketts Glen. LCARES members who indicated that they have 6 meter FM capability are asked to keep the period from 10:00AM to 11:00AM on June 16th available for the test. The frequency will be 52.525MHz. The final status of the test will be announced via email and text message by Friday, June 15th. Please check your email or text messages on Friday, June 15th.
    2. The 2nd Quarterly Message Challenge is entering its last month. Four of the SRT members need to send the EC a message from the challenge by June 30th. One member definitely needs to send one. This is a simple task with 90 days to do it.
    3. The LCARES Voice Net will move to the N3FCK UHF Linked Repeaters on June 12th. There are 4 repeaters spread around Luzerne County that are linked. See the frequency list in the Sunday, June 10, 2018, LCARES Sunday Night Bulletin.
    Click Here for the Luzerne County ARES®Activities Schedule
    Click Here for Net Schedules of Interest - updated on 4/8/2018
    2018 LCARES Members Operational Status - Net Stats - Bulletin Responses (updated 6/10/18)...

    Note: Credit is given for responding but to win, place, or show the answer has to be correct.
    Sunday Night Bulletin for June 3, 2018 Responses
    1st Response
    2nd Response
    3rd Response
    Total Bulletin Responses for Last Week - 7

    And the award for the longest but most complete answer goes to K3DBG:

    Resistor= Flameproof, cement or ceramic, Wirewound, 7 watt 26.2 Ohm with a tolerance of 10% made by Dale Co. in Mexico NOT CHINA! These last longer! :0

    However he did not get any credit for making lines in his email...

    I can make lines…..

    Weekly Images

    Where your EC was on Saturday. The Montgomery County Amateur Radio Emergency Services Meeting in Eagleville, PA.

    The fellow on the left behind the monitor is Dick Stewart, K3ITH, District 1 Emergency Coordinator, and the fellow on the right is Tom Nolan, W3EX, Montgomery County Emergency Coordinator.

    And yes those are old TV test patterns on the monitors. There was one youngster in the group who did not know what it was.

    An ARRL ARES®Communicator's Comments
    !Tuesday Night Voice Net...
    - The LCARES Tuesday Night Voice net will held on the N3FCK Linked Repeater system. There are 4 repeaters that serve Luzerne County and any one of them can be used. These are the frequencies:

    Repeater ULZ2550 Operations 442.5500 W 100 447.5500 W 100 A N3FCK Link System (Scranton)
    Repeater ULZ3600 Operations 443.6000 W 100 448.6000 W 100 A N3FCK Link System (Suscon)
    Repeater ULZ4500 Operations 444.5000 W 100 449.5000 W 100 A N3FCK Link System (Shickshinny)
    Repeater UWY1150 Reserve 441.1500 W 100 446.1500 W 100 A N3FCK Link System (Forkston)

    The PL tone for all is 100Hz and the standard UHF offset applies.

    A station will monitor the 146.4600MHz repeater during the net to inform those who don't get the word about the temporary change.

    The N3FCK Link Repeater System is a great piece of engineering that does not get the use that it deserves. It is also a good time for all LCARES members to confirm that their radios are programmed correctly.

    Luzerne County 911 Open House...
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Yesterday was the Luzerne County 911 Center's Annual Open House. Other Emergency Services in the County were invited to participate including Luzerne County Emergency Management. Lucy Morgan, EMA Director, passed the info to me but I was scheduled to be out of the area on the big day. The responsibility for getting the LCARES members to help with the setup and displays went to N3SRO. I spoke with Dave when I returned from Montgomery County and he was really pumped about the great day at the Open House. First, he spoke highly of the great help that he received from the LCARES members. I am very happy to hear about that. Apparently there was a lot of interaction with other County Departments and that is always good.

    The photos show the LCEMA County Response truck, the tower trailer (first time it has been out of the parking lot!), several of the go-kits from the LCARES room, and the LCARES Rapid Response Vehicle (a.k.a. as N3SRO's jeep!).

    A big thank you to N3SRO, K3TOW, N3RN, KC3HLT, N3PQP, and N3TGI for making LCARES' debut at the 911 Open House a success.

    And I would be remiss if I didn't say thank you to Lucy, Dave E., Tanisha, Jack, and Bill for all their support of LCARES. It is so wonderful to have such a great and supportive EMA team after so many years of frustration. The Girls and Guys in the EMA front offices are just the greatest!

    Dave pointed out something else that I already knew but this bears repeating. The great rapport that exists between the 911 team and LCARES is wonderful. It is because of Brian Black, Billy Ives, and all the other great people from 911 that come to the LCEMA EOC to help out. I wish I could remember all their names but I am getting old. They really are a class act and open to sharing and explaining all their great tools and gadgets. It is so much to the advantage of the Luzerne County Amateur Radio Operators to have such good friends and examples as the Luzerne County 911 Professionals.

    All photos are courtesy of N3SRO!

    A Step Back In Time...
    - Thanks to the generosity of Herb, K2LNS, I was gifted 3 paper booklets from the past. To say that I was thrilled would be an understatement.

    The first was a 1933 Official Shortwave Log and Callbook. This was the real step back in time. 1933 was between the World Wars and radio was in its infancy as far as commercial use was concerned. Herb and I wondered if the famous KDKA from Pittsburgh would be listed in this book. It was not. It was not considered a shortwave station.

    The book is full of advertisements for radio products. The inside of the front cover headlines with "Win the Denton Trophy with an Acratone". The purpose and reason for the Denton Trophy is a bit murky. The most information I can find is that it was announced in August, 1933. I assume that it had to do with logging the most shortwave stations and probably confirming them with a QSL card.

    Radio contesting was big even in the early days of radio.

    According to the advertisement the radio to use was the Acratone Model 33-A which was a 10 Tube All Wave Superhetrodyne 15 to 550 meters receiver. Total cost was $42.50 complete with Raython's 4 Pillar Tubes. Again, good luck finding something about that radio on the Internet. Just isn't going to happen.


    Page 3 of the Shortwave Guide lists the International Call Letter Assignments

    If you click on the image you'll find some interesting words. Under the right column of the Call Letter Assignments you'll find the words "During the World War" at the start of the 2nd paragraph. Since this was published in August 1933 it means that 6 years and 1 month there would be a need to distinguish between the First and the Second World War. Many of the stations listed in this Callbook would be extinguished never to return when the Second World War ended in 1945. 12 years from the date of publication of the Official Shortwave Log and Callbook.

    Page 4 of the Shortwave Guide is a sampling of the listings found inside. BTW, at the bottom of the page there is a copyright warning. "Copyright 1933. Reproduction, even in part, will be prosecuted." I don't think there is much worry about that. I don't think that publishers and printers of this Callbook ever imagined that the pages of their pamphlet would be exposed to an electronic scanning device and the image captured in bits on magnetic media.

    There are steamship lines, Cities, Aero Radio, US Steel's Steel Navigator (Callsign KDWL), and much more. The frequencies are all listed in meters. For me fascinating. For others it probably something that should have been thrown in the trash long ago. BTW, the original owner is R.P. Greenawald, West Pittston, PA.

    Herb also gifted me with two World War II pamphlets.

    Again, a time that eludes us as far as personal experience. These pamphlets were guides that were used for Civil Defense personnel in American cities during World War II. How to fight fires started by magnesium bombs was a key point driven home by a comic book set of instructions. There are even sections on close order drill and marching.

    The language is very different from today. There is a definite absence of logic as to why the warden should do this. No mention of compensation. There are references to duty, responsibility, love of country, and your fellow community members. Things like "the keynote of your conduct must be courage and presence of mind."

    Pardon me for being a little cynical here. I doubt that the Civil Defense of Today would get many volunteers to answer the call for the Love of the Country and Fellow Community Members.

    In any case I am very glad to have these pamphlets to add to my collection. And I appreciate K2LNS's generosity for giving them to me.

    Ham Radio Links
    N3LLR's Ham Radio Forum
    ARRL Eastern PA Section Web Site
    Luzerne County ARES®
    Harris County Texas ARES® - A great training resource
    Lake County (OH) RACES Personal Go-Kit for Emergency Operations - KE7LHR
    MecklenBurg County ARES® and RACES
    K0BG - The Website for Mobile Amateur Radio Operators (Perhaps the best web site on mobile operations I have found!)
    Origins of Ham Speak - Fact, Legends, and Myths??? - Compiled by AC6V from the Internet and other unreliable sources
    The Petite Prepper
    The VOA Radiogram
    Luzerne County ARES Facebook Page <-- New
    Thank you for copying our weekly digital information Bulletin to all Amateur Radio Operators.

    Send reception reports and comments to

    Have a good week everyone!


    ARRL EPA Section Emergency Coordinator
    ARRL EPA District 3 District Emergency Coordinator
    ARRL ARES® Emergency Coordinator
    Luzerne County ARES®
    ARES and "Amateur Radio Emergency Services" are registered service marks owned by the American Radio Relay League, The National Association of Amateur Radio. Use of these service marks is by permission only. Total prep time for this bulletin - 5 hours.
  2. wedgar

    wedgar Administrator Staff Member Gold Member

    Loved the old log books. I used to live within 4 air miles of the KDKA tower. We had some local people that heard that station on their pots on the stove occasionally.

    Cool that your EMA office had am open house.
  3. W.T. Jones

    W.T. Jones Moderator Staff Member Silver Member Golden GPS Recipient

    Just for the purpose of clarity - the Open House is conducted by Luzerne County 911. A peer agency of LCEMA. They are both under the Public Safety Director Mr. Rozenkranz.

    Now I won't get in trouble with any of them.
  4. wedgar

    wedgar Administrator Staff Member Gold Member

    Kudos for working with your local EMA office. I saw a small number of ARES groups that refused to work with their EMA groups because of egos.
  5. W.T. Jones

    W.T. Jones Moderator Staff Member Silver Member Golden GPS Recipient

    Its a multi-sided dilemma. I have seen ARES groups that are that in name only. I have seen quality ARES groups ignored by the EMA and 911 staff because they have the misconception of what they do. Think "CB", Shack On The Belt, "The Whacker" Mentality, and less than professional behavior on the part of ARES members that have fostered some of this.

    There is a certain amount of decorum that must be applied to the first interaction. Leave the radios in car, act professional, and be prepared to put up or go home. And be very aware of the limitations of the ARES group. Do a good job at what you can do but don't try to be the star if you don't have the heavy lift ability.

    On the other side of the fence - if the EMA Directors are slightly tending to the porcine cranium attitude there is nothing much that can be done. I have seen that in EPA. A top notch ARES group with a really good track record is cut off because of a new EMA Director taking over. Sad but true.

    The only thing that the ARES group can do is find a new agency to serve.
  6. wedgar

    wedgar Administrator Staff Member Gold Member

    We had that in our county. The EMA Director was not in favor of amateur radio. We got a new director who was impressed with what we could and would do. When he was promoted within the PEMA hierarchy, he took his pro-views of amateur radio with him, and helped in the WPA EMA. Oh, and the new EMA director who replaced him? He was a ham and knew well what we could and would do.
  7. W.T. Jones

    W.T. Jones Moderator Staff Member Silver Member Golden GPS Recipient

    The sad thing is we have to keep proving ourselves. Over and over again.

    A new administration is either for or against Amateur Radio involvement depending on their history. The turn over in Amateur Radio is another cause.

    Institutional memory is lost on both sides of the fence which means lessons have to be learned over and over again.

    After the tornado there was no infrastructure outage. The call came to me very early on Thursday Morning that the EOC was short handed and people were needed to help answer the phones. I put the word out and we had 6 amateurs respond to the call. No radios, nothing glamorous, only sit at the table, answer the phone, answer the question if the answer was known, or tell them to hold on while an answer was found.

    I guess it is a form of Milton's line "They also serve who stand and wait." In this case it is "They also serve who sit and answer the phone."

    I did get good news yesterday and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express.

    A new SEC will taking over come October 1st! Yahoo!
  8. wedgar

    wedgar Administrator Staff Member Gold Member

    Good dependable service. Responding when called.

    Woo Hoo! You have done a splendid job as the SEC. Thanks for giving your time, talents and talents to helping keeping amateur radio great.

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