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Discussion in 'Club Management' started by wedgar, Jan 19, 2014.

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  2. Frank K2SQS

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    Those are all ARRL resources - we use most of them occasionally. How about a local resource for those willing to give presentation as a club program? Topic, contact, QTH, how far they are willing to travel?
  3. wedgar

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    We could set up a forum here to accomplish that and perhaps even have people upload copies of PowerPoint presentations here.

    Would that be of interest?
  4. John N3SPW

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    If your club is within driving range of Philipsburg PA (near State College and Penn State), I have a Power Point on D-STAR in Western Pennsylvania that I'd be happy to present at your meeting, schedule permitting. Alternatively, I can do this presentation remotely via Skype if your meeting room is equipped with a projector and internet access. E-mail me with questions at
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