Biggest Issues Facing Clubs

Discussion in 'Club Management' started by wedgar, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. wedgar

    wedgar Administrator Staff Member Gold Member

    What are the biggest issues that current amateur radio clubs are facing right now?

    - Bill
  2. Frank K2SQS

    Frank K2SQS New Member

    Maintaining members and recruiting new members.
    Getting members more active in club projects/activities.
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  3. wedgar

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    Good thoughts!

    Several of the more successful clubs within the Atlantic Division have programs and events several times each month. They hold Saturday breakfasts, 'work' sessions over weekends and elmering sessions. They make it fun for people to join in and come back on a frequent basis. Additionally, they may also take turns bringing some type of snacks for after the meetings.

    Also, activities are published with articles and pictures in club newsletters and/or websites.

    - Bill
  4. k4gkj

    k4gkj Member

    This is something I would like to see more often in our club myself, but one must be very cautious over how much time they devote to the hobby, as the more time you devote to the hobby, the less time family gets. It can be a tight rope if your not carefull. but at the same time, all these ideas are perfect for fostering or makeing a healthy club...... just use good sence and don't help club members get caught in a jam. not all xyl's like to be dragged along for a auxillery meeting either.....mine can't stand it, and if put in her shoes, i can understand all too clearly.
  5. wedgar

    wedgar Administrator Staff Member Gold Member

    Yep, I understand. My wife is not interested in getting her amateur license, but will go to dinners, meetings with me occasionally.

    More successful amateur clubs find events often that the whole family can come and enjoy everyone's company.
  6. W.T. Jones

    W.T. Jones Moderator Staff Member Silver Member Golden GPS Recipient AtlDiv EPA Leader AtlDiv ARES Member

    Family events are important. In both of my time consuming hobbies I have always included my wife when ever it was appropriate. It is kind of funny though. Some of the things that I would think she would not be interested in she is interested in going to have a look. So I write these things on the family calendar even if I am not planning on attending. Latest one is "Fox Hunt!" That caused a bit of consternation when she read it. I have two hobbies. Shooting and Ham Radio. She knows that I am not a hunter so "Fox Hunt" was playing a bit of havoc in her mind. Is it shooting related or is is Ham Radio related. If it is shooting related, what are we going to do with a dead Fox? If it is Ham Radio related, how does one hunt a Fox with a radio?

    So she is a bit perplexed about it. I haven't explained it yet but I will. More than likely it will be something that she will want to "go have a look at" just because she has never seen it before.

    One of the other things that our club board of directors has tried out is a take your wife to dinner before the board meeting. We meet in greater downtown Wilkes-Barre for our meetings. So we all get together before the meeting at a nice restaurant with the wives or husbands as the case maybe for dinner. When the club government goes to the meeting the other "halves" go shopping or check out the other entertainment. Nothing like letting my wife go shopping while I am doing ham radio stuff to keep her happy.

    We have one other form of entertainment that is not really club related. My wife calls it "RHOM". That stands for, according to her, Retired Ham Operators Meeting. It is just a bunch of us retirees who get together every other Thursday for lunch. Wives are always invited and many of them show up.

    I find the more I can get my wife to social events with both my shooting friends and my Ham Radio friends then the more she is at ease with my time being taken up for them. And if she tags along on one of the events, she knows that she'll have someone to talk to that she knows from another get together.

    Sometimes it is a good thing to involve your other half in the social activities. It should be about family.
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  7. wedgar

    wedgar Administrator Staff Member Gold Member

    And that makes it so much easier when we try to explain events and who said what that they know a little bit more about it.
  8. W.T. Jones

    W.T. Jones Moderator Staff Member Silver Member Golden GPS Recipient AtlDiv EPA Leader AtlDiv ARES Member

    Yep, its a comfort zone thing. The trepidation goes out the door and the eagerness to see friends comes in. A Happy Wife means a Happy Life.
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  9. wedgar

    wedgar Administrator Staff Member Gold Member

    No truer words have been posted here. (y)
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