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Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Presentations' started by Gilbert Skip Kauffman, Jul 13, 2014.

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    During the last few years I have given programs for FLdigi and digital messaging. The last was in Elk Co
    at the Elk county ARC just before the flood. What I have found is that most folks are not computer literate.
    This causes issues with interfacing soundcard devices or finding the internal soundcard. I spend more
    time tutoring computer use rather then explore the FLdigi messaging..... Most have a misunderstanding
    that just interface and running FLdigi is all that to it. Most can not use the messaging system because of
    the inexperience in using file systems. I enjoy the challenge, and it's fun to help others. You then increase
    the operators knowledge of Encomm communications.....
    Now, the new digital repeater systems is the latest technology to explore....

    de Skip

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