Driving Ground Rods

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio General Discussion' started by Jeremy, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. Jeremy

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    I need to drive a few ground rods for my new QTH. How does everyone get them into the ground?

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  2. wedgar

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    I was able to drive an 8 foot copper clad ground rod in my yard.

    I have seen at a hamfest where someone had buried two 4-foot sections of copper clad ground rods wired together.

    We were able to drive an 8-foot ground rod at an angle of about 30 degrees which worked well and was left there permanently for use during camporees.
  3. Jeremy

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    Thanks for the reply. The code says 8 ft, so that is what it will be. Youtube and some ham sites talk about using water to drill a hole, but none of the pro's use that method. The stated reasons are that the water removes the dirt so there isn't a solid ground established. I tend to find that reasonable. I did find that many people have driven it at angles, which might prove useful in our soil around here. There isn't any regulation on how deep it had to be. The preferred method seems to be a hammer drill with driving bit, but those are expensive. While I want to drive several rods, I don't want to spend hundreds to do so.

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  5. Tony

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    A friend used a fence post driver.

    I was thinking of fabricating a heavy pipe, put a cap on one end of the pipe and put a T on the bottom with pipes out each side for "rod slammin'" handles. Of course you'd have to drill a hole in the base of the T to allow the ground rob to go through the bottom and reach the cap.

    Then when you get near the bottom, tap it home with a sledge hammer.

    The heavier the "pipe hammer rig," the better.

    The set-up reminds me of a trip hammer, or a manual water drilling method I know of.

    Or does this all sound too Rube Goldberg?

    Look up how to drill a water well by hand on YouTube. You can even attach something to lift the "hammer."

    Drive a same-size pipe six feet in, pull it out with a come-along set-up, then slip in your ground rod and drive the laser two feet.

    These and a couple ways I can think of the expend your energy.

    [edit: I found the following similar idea. If he can get it down 300 feet with water, I know you can get it down eight feet dry.]
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