February Winter weather

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by wedgar, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. wedgar

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    How is everyone faring with the winter storms?

    I'm currently in Savannah and it was just about freezing this morning. My 100 lb propane tank went dry early this morning and my electric space heater kept my bedroom warm enough. When I got up, I switched over to another tank that was full and the entire RV warmed up.

    I'm getting about 2 weeks of heat from the 100 lb tank.

    Talking to my wife this morning, they're getting temps in the minus single digits today with a little snow.

    I'm thinking we might need to drag that varmint in Punxsutawney out of his hole and string him up...
  2. Tony

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    Cold here in NW PA.

    Zeroish, the up into teens and 20s.

    Lake effect snows have not been bad this year, even if aerie leads the snowfall contest.
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  3. wedgar

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    Am near Baltimore MD for several business meetings. Left Savannah GA this morning and it was about 50 degrees and cloudy there. The further north we went the warmer and sunnier it got.
    This morning, we heard MD had about 3-5 inches of snow, but when we arrived in MD, it was about 55 degrees and the majority of the snow melted.

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