Field Day 2015 and NTS and a little more

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    Field Day 2015

    Hey its the first weekend in May already. That last full weekend of June will be rolling around faster than you think. And you know what happens on that last full weekend of June? Field Day! That favorite excuse of all True Hams to clean out the shack and move it to the Field Day site and play with it for 24 hours. Then cart it all back to the shack and put it on the operating desk in a nice neat orderly manner. OK, I am kidding. It will end up on the operating table in pretty much a condition as it was before Field Day.
    Hey we're Hams. We'd rather operate than clean.

    Did you know that you can score an additional 100 points at Field Day by sending an NTS radiogram to your ARRL Section Manager or your ARRL Section Emergency Coordinator. That's right 100 points for one message sent from the Field Day site. Pretty easy pickings if you ask me.

    Now on the Saturday evening of Field Day Saturday at 6PM I know that W3JY and I will be on 3917 for the Eastern PA Emergency Phone and Traffic Net. Bring your message there and I am sure the EPAEPTN will take and move it on. If it is for W3JY or WN3LIF it will be delivered right then and there. If propagation isn't good for your own section net and you can hear EPAEPTN better than yours send it on EPAEPTN. Remember the rules say that you have to send it. It is up to the NTS guys and gals to deliver it. Be sure to include a copy of the message with your Field Day Report to the ARRL.

    Now did you also know that you can score another 100 points using NTS. Yep it is easy. Hey, you're going to be on the NTS net to send one to the SM or SEC. Why not prepare 10 additional messages to other folks and send them as well. It is simple and you can keep it short. Use ARL Message numbers and you can make it a two word message if you don't want to get creative. That is correct. ARL FIFTY means Greetings via Amateur Radio. So if you want to send a message to some one just create a message that says ARL FIFTY. Now I would suggest that you do this to make it more personal. ARL FIFTY FROM THE 'CLUB' FIELD DAY SITE. Substitute your club name for the 'CLUB' and that is all it takes. So from my club, Murgas ARC, K3YTL, it would be ARL FIFTY FROM THE MURGAS ARC FIELD DAY SITE.

    Now who to send them to? That is usually the problem for all. Well, remember that you have a Section Staff. In EPA there are 8 Section Officials. They are listed on the ARRL web site. One of the messages will go to the SM or SEC so subtract that person and you have 7 left to send messages to for Field Day. Want to have some fun. Remember the ARRL sponsors Field Day. So how about the following:
    N3KN Kay Cragie - ARRL President
    W3TOM Tom Abernethy - Atlantic Division Director
    K3RF Bob Famiglio - Atlantic Division Vice Director
    Or how about Steve Ewald, WV1X or Rick Palm, K1CE
    They are all fair game to get that 100 points. And you know they just might get the message that NTS does work.

    Now you can do this all on SSB or CW but if you want to have some fun with Digital come to the paNBEMS 40 meter net on Sunday Morning at 11AM on 7072.5kHz and send the messages there. N3FLL and I are the usual net controls for that net and we just might be persuaded to push the traffic up to the top of the net time so you guys can get back to working other stations.

    And I can't think of a faster way to send traffic than Flmsg. Set up all the messages and be ready to go when your time comes. Send them one after another, with a "roger" in between and get them out of the way quickly. Once the station has them you are done and back to calling CQ Field Day again.

    In any case, do it and get the points.

    73 from your guest bulletin preparer...
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