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    Today, we are happy to update our forum software. This release fixes a number of bugs and issues that were found in the previous version. As this is a maintenance release, the vast majority of the focus was an increase in stability.

    Due to a change in Facebook's application permission system, our Facebook registration integration has changed slightly. Most significantly, we have reduced the number of permissions we request so that individual applications do not need to go through Facebook's new application review policy. As such, less profile information may be automatically imported into XenForo when a user registers.
    Some of the bugs fixed in include:

    • Bug fixes related to pasting and formatting text in the editor
    • Bug fixes related to the formatting of messages for the rich text editor when editing
    • Updated the Facebook integration to use version 2.0 of their API
    • Only show entries on the notable members page where the member actually has posts, likes, or trophy points
    • Fix the attribution of tagging alerts generated in a profile post comment
    • Add isolation to usernames to improve display in RTL when LTR and RTL text is mixed
    • Add-on update/export buttons appear when creating an add-on
    • BB code blocks now all have overflow auto for float containment/preventing overlap with floated ads
    • Call to action buttons have have vertical-align top for improved cross browser display
    • Added scrolling to the avatar overlay to handle add-ons inserting additional rows
    • Account upgrades now use the "full" link generator to create the return URL
    • Fixed unexpected padding on the breadcrumbs with narrow displays
    • Fixed ReCAPTCHA image overflow with narrow displays
    • Added an open graph description to forum views and pages
    • Fixed inconsistent positioning of stay logged in/lost password links on login forms
    • Fixed overlay only buttons displaying on the follower/following lists when viewed as a non-overlay
    • Adjusted the display of voters on a poll when there's a deleted user
    • Fix positioning of several overlays in RTL with narrow displays
    • Fix JS errors when the hash part of a URL has non-alphanumeric characters
    • Reduce the amount of entries shown on the users/content awaiting approval pages to prevent timeouts and speed up display
    • Silence a potential race condition when creating directories
    • Fix a display issue when displaying a shortened IPv6 string when it ends with a collapsed section
    • Fix a race condition when inserting image proxy records

    Resource Manager update is a maintenance release for our resource manager add-on.

    This release fixes several bugs that were reported.
    • Fix deleted/moderated resources not being removed correctly when a resource category is deleted
    • The main resource overview page now canonicalizes the URL
    • Add rel=canonical to some resource pages
    • Fix the resource prefix list not always removing non-visible prefixes
    • Fix situation where resources with a file may not always allow the full text of updates to be viewed by users without download permissions
    • Add a maximum to prices to prevent a database error
    • When moving a resource from a category with a discussion thread to one without, the discussion thread will be removed (it will be restored if the resource is moved back)
    • Clean up some additional data when hard deleting a resource
    • Trim the resource discussion thread title to ensure that it does not cause an error and prevent a thread from being created
    • Fix a situation where the discussion thread is associated with an IP address by the user approving the resource
    • Fix invalid method call in the resource watch data writer
    • Clean up the resource attachments better when uninstalling the resource manager
    • Limit the top resource authors on the notable members list to those who have posted a resource
    • Fix missing breadcrumbs on the resource category watch page
    • Fix word wrap issues on the resource list
    • Do not display the microdata for ratings when a resource has not been rated
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    You have to like a software vendor that takes pride in staying up to date with the improvements, error corrections, and resource changes. This is really impressive.
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    They truly do an excellent job. They are without a doubt tops in their field.
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    If all the forums that I have joined in the past had a package that works as well as this one does, I'd still be members of them.

    Nothing more frustrating than seeing a post disappear or getting logged off in the middle of reading something for no apparent reason.

    This software is great.

    And you can tell them I said that.
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