Murgas ARC 2016 Ham of the Year

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    Tonight, at the Annual Christmas Dinner, the Murgas Amateur Radio Club honoured its 2016 Ham of the Year.

    Nick Bantell, K3NDB, of Hazleton, PA, was selected the MARC Ham of the Year based on his outstanding contributions to the Murgas ARC through out the year.

    Nick contributed his time and knowledge to many of the MARC club projects including getting the Field Event off the ground by repairing the County's Command Trailer and even fixing the back door of the EOC.

    He was always there and available when there was something to do and someone needed to do it.

    Congratulations to Nick, K3NDB, on his selection as the Murgas ARC Ham of the Year.
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    Hats off and congratulations to Nick K3NDB for his award and for his service!

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