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  1. Jeremy

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    I was in my new house where the builder ran 7 runs of cable coax (RG6) to various rooms in the house from the basement service connection. I was having the cable TV installed and was trying to figure out which cable ran where (problem #1, he didn't label the cables). I shorted one cable and fired up my VOM. My first cable was a hit. Well, I don't believe that the odds are THAT much in my favor, so I tested the rest of them. It was as I feared, all of them were shorted (problem #2).

    So I popped the wall plate and unscrewed the connector and there is where I found the worse cable job I'd ever seen. The jacket was cut back to expose the center conductor, but the braid and shield was not exposed (problem #3). He did manage to not cut off all of the braid, so to keep the connection neat, he wrapped the braid around the center conductor (problem #4) and twisted on the connector and screwed it into the wall plate.

    So I spent the next hour re-doing cable coax connectors.

    On the plus side, he did run Cat-5e cable for telephone wire throughout the whole house, so with a bit of work, I am going to have a wired LAN in my house.

    Ah the joys of home ownership.

    Jeremy N1ZZZ
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    Did you have a new home warranty from the builder?

    You'd think they'd test out the connections especially in a new house.
  3. Jeremy

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    I do have a warranty, but since I know I can do it right, it's easier for me to do that sort of thing that try to get an incompetent person to re-do their work. It doesn't seem like an minor error, but an ignorance of how coaxial cable actually works. Since there was no connectors on the basement end of things, I am not surprised they didn't test the connections. I will point it out to them when they do the other minor things they have to do.

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  4. wedgar

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    That is unfortunate that you have to fix their mistake.

    Sometimes it is difficult to find reputable contractors. There ought to be an online rating system for contractors so consumers have an idea how their contractor rates against other contractors...

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