NTS Access utilizing WinLink 2000

Discussion in 'NTS (National Traffic System)' started by Wayne, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. Wayne

    Wayne Member

    What is the correct mailbox addresses to email ARRL Radiogram messages using RMS Express software. I understand their using this method in CA.
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  2. James NF8I

    James NF8I Member

    I'd add to this question, what about Pactor as well?
  3. W3JY

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  4. James NF8I

    James NF8I Member

    The more important question is, how does one find an appropriate Target Station when addressing an NTS Radiogram via WL2K. Knowing how to format the message is somewhat irrelevant next to the question of how to address it.

    It seems that Tactical Callsigns, properly configured for every state or ARRL section, would be the most obvious way to handle this so that a list of individual station callsigns wouldn't need to be maintained. This doesn't seem to have had any widespread adoption, though.
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  5. W3JY

    W3JY Active Member

    Yes, that's been a problem. Passing your comments along to the powers that be for WL2K Target Stations.
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