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    I just finished going through the attached document. The content is 23 years old. Almost. On September 10th of 2014 it will be 23 years old.

    The content was developed by several ARES members of the now defunct District Six ARES in EPA. The districts have long been reorganized so the District Six mentioned in this document bears no relevance to the current District Six in EPA.

    The main force behind the Training Messages was Joe Smalley, WA3CKA. A truly great Traffic Handler and a wonderful fellow. He put his total effort into these messages and into sending them and training traffic handlers in old District Six.

    Recently, after hearing some of the less than stellar efforts to pass traffic on voice during drills in 2013 several of the Auxiliary Communications Service members began asking for some training. There is always the training NTS nets in EPA but many of them are either Technicians without HF privileges or the Training Net time just isn't working for them.

    So one of our ARES Members in Luzerne County went through his archives and found a paper copy of the old District Six ARES Training and Net Procedures Guide that includes 73 training messages. I can say that it brought back a lot of good memories of days gone by.

    So I used an OCR scanner and scanned the entire thing into my word processor. The original document was written in Word Perfect which I don't even think is around any more. The scanning effort got the majority of the document into the computer but it was much less than perfect. So I spent this evening cleaning it up. It is not perfect. But it is readable and the content is there.

    If you need some training messages for your local nets then go and use it. Change what you need to change. Add if you think you should. It is there for the betterment of traffic handling and hopefully will encourage some new traffic handlers to get involved. After all training is a wonderful thing to put stress in its proper place.

    Any comments on the document are welcome but it is pretty much as it stands. I mean after all, it is old enough to vote.

    I'll also put this in the resource section for those who might look there.

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    This resource is listed under the Emergency Communications section.

    I just wanted folks to know that I have updated it as of the date of this post.

    After not seeing the original author of the messages, WA3CKA, he came to our local club meeting last night.

    First, it was great to talk with him again but even better it was great to have him review the digitized version of the messages.

    Of course, he found errors. So today we corrected the errors and we added something that he had wanted in the original messages. When they were produced making changes wasn't all that easy since email wasn't as widespread and we killed a lot of trees making paper copies. Now, it is a whole lot easier making the corrections and getting them out to the message senders.

    Of course, I have to go back now and send the updated copy to everyone that I sent it to on Tuesday.
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    Nothing like seeing good friends you haven't seen in a while. That is pretty cool.

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