paNBEMS Great Shakeout Exercise

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    The Great Shakeout from the W3LUZ perspective:
    Since I am retired and have my weekdays pretty much free I arranged to be at the Luzerne County EOC for the Shakeout Drill. Joining me there was Jeremy, N1ZZZ, and David, N3SRO, who were both between jobs. No they are not unemployed but the nature of their jobs just has them at home currently. I don't want anyone thinking that they needed work. It was nice to have them there. Joining us for parts of the Drill was our EMA Director, Lucy Morgan, who even graciously made coffee for us.

    N1ZZZ fired up the computer and Fldigi and immediately noted a problem. This system has two, count 'em, two Signalinks and when Jeremy keyed the wrong Signalink went into transmit. The good news is Jeremy, being the analytical type, immediately figured out the problem and pulled the plug on one of the Signalinks. A good solution but having more experience with Fldigi I showed him how to do with the software. So thanks for Jeremy and David W3LUZ was ready to go for the drill.

    Since I was graced with all this help I took a back seat and let them operate the radio. The first thing down the line was an Flamp transmission from KB3FXI. They did not get the Flamp up and running and missed the beginning. This was a learning moment and I showed them the abilities of Flamp to request the preamble and fill in the missed blocks using the report function. Watching all this was our EMA Director who was a bit baffled by the technology so I used that "learning moment" to explain what was going on.

    Jeremy and David composed an Flmsg message and sent it and even Lucy got into the act and dictated a message for transmission. KB3FXI put the net through its paces by having W3LUZ move up in frequency to take traffic. Just like a real net. However, out FT-897 developed dementia and we had to move the frequency with the dial but it was still a success. My take-away was to get that tuner out of the control link so that Fldigi didn't lose touch with the radio. That will happen this week. When I see something that just isn't right I like to fix it quickly.

    Dave and Jeremy continued on with the exercise and did very well. I know that they could do the job without me. But there is a need for better documentation on the Fldigi operation. That too will be corrected during the upcoming week. Tuesday is our normal get-together at the EOC so that will be a good time to get things up to snuff.
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    Well I had fun at the exercise. While I've used FLdigi to Rx traffic with FLamp/FLmsg as well as K-K QSO's, this was the first time I was able to send traffic. While there were some technical challenges to overcome, with the help of WN3LIF, we didn't miss too much, and what we did miss made for an easy fill.

    Jeremy N1ZZZ
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    Outstanding! Looks like everyone had some fun!

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