Post Card for Club Meetings During the Year

Discussion in 'Club Management' started by wedgar, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. wedgar

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    Here's one club that publishes their club meetings and topics for the entire year on a postcard to be used to remind club members to send in their membership dues -or- to send to prospective club members to entice them to join!

    DLARC in Bethlehem, PA does this and here is a copy of their card.

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  2. kb0isq

    kb0isq New Member

    Do they send it out once a year or every month?
    Our club (70 member) uses email for notices and reminders (there are only one or two members who do not have email), saves a lot on postage.
  3. wedgar

    wedgar Administrator Staff Member Gold Member

    They send them out yearly, but I believe they also send them out to new hams and to VE candidates who passed their exams.

    Email is a good thing to keep members informed.

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