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    I myself think that too many amateurs and amateur radio clubs has gotten complacent and has refused to do anything for such a long time that now they do not know what to do or how to do it.

    Field Days should be held someplace in a Field..
    Let me reiterate - Field Days should be held in a public place, where we can present amateur radio in a positive light.

    In the early days of amateur radio, when transmitters weighed many pounds - not like the light weight stuff we have today, people were not afraid to lug their heavy transmitters out of their radio shacks and haul them many miles to a remote or public location and set them up and operate....

    It seems like today many clubs either runs to their club shacks, or has a place already set up that they operated from before or they have a pre arranged place set up that already has the antenna's put up, along with the towers and buildings or trailers that they use to operate...

    My opinion is that Field Days should be held out in a field.. A neutral spot that no one owns, that no one can lay claim to, and no one can dictate what others can and cannot do....
    A place out of your normal comfort zone.
    A place where everyone is equal and where the visiting public is exposed to amateur radio in a positive light.

    Clubs requires dues, and yet when it comes time to have field days, many clubs do not want to spend their rank and files membership dues on food and other necessities and they make field days into more of a chore then what it has to be. Some clubs chooses not to have field days at all - they think that they can rely on their good looks or other events to fulfill their social and moral obligation to the general public by doing some other public service event.. Shame on you!

    What good is it to hook a bunch of radios up to a non resonant antenna and then sit there and not have anyone to talk to and then blame it on the band conditions and go home?

    We need to start doing things like HAMS did things 50 - 60 years ago, when everyone took a turn manning a radio and calling CQ and wanting to see their ham radio club in QST as being the premier radio club in their area...

    More and more I either hear - I will bring a radio, but I am not going to talk on one.
    Or, I am going to work 20 meters CW - it's mine, it's what I always did!
    Each band being laid claim to like gold prospectors in the Yukon.
    The new hams being delegated to some old CB radio under the porch on 10 meters with a dipole antenna.
    As long as we don't offend the old hams, we don't have to teach anything to the new hams...

    Field Days should not have as much to do with what a old ham does, but should have more to do with getting the new hams on the air, and presenting amateur radio to the public in a positive light!
    The GOTA station should be manned by a experienced ham at all times and the visitors - including the old hams children and grandchildren should be encouraged to sit down and make contacts...
    This is what real amateur radio is all about...

    Me personally - I wouldn't recommend 40 meters for a GOTA station, just due to all the pushing and shoving that goes on with the old hams and the people with the self entitlement.
    20 meters with a beam antenna and 100 watts - a novice person can and will make many contacts...
    After all - shouldn't Field Days be to promote amateur radio in a positive light and not to promote ourselves as some great operator.

    There are plenty of other amateur radio contests throughout the year in which we can participate in to show our skills as an amateur, why wait until Field Days to show what we can do?
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    Yup, the purpose of Field Day is to share what we do and let someone else try!

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