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    I just finished writing my last "President's Column" for the Murgas ARC MARC Times newsletter.

    I have to say it was a little bitter-sweet to do that. I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone would not want to be the Club President. I had a great time doing it this year. It had its rough spots but for the most part it was really a good time.

    Now, before you ask why didn't I stand for re-election let me tell you. I have 3 other Amateur Radio jobs. Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC), District Emergency Coordinator (DEC), and County Emergency Coordinator (EC). The SEC job fills up most of my days. It is one of those jobs that does not respect time constraints at all. That is if you are responsive to the Section ARES members. If the Eastern PA Section ARES is to grow it requires active leadership.

    The DEC job is just there. Right now it does not take much because the SEC job encompasses much of it.

    The EC job is another time sink. After the past year I noticed that in order for me to groom a new replacement I have to start doing things to insure the organization is ready for a new EC. And the County has finally figured out that ARES is really a great tool to have and not just one to keep in the toolbox.

    So as I wrote that final column I could not help but think of all the things that I would like to be doing with the MARC. Lots of things that would be fun to do. I know that the nominated candidates for the President's position are good people and have some good ideas. But there is that "giving up" control that makes me wonder. It is like retirement. How can the company get along without me? Well, they can and they will.

    I am sure that the MARC will prosper and even grow under the new leadership but as I said in the column I rocked the boat a bit. I just hope the new officers will be willing to rock the boat again during the upcoming year. Some times the waves are good for the soul.

    I did tell the membership that after 2017 is done I'd be willing to stand for another term. My fervent hope is that the new officers are so good that they don't want me back. If they do I'll definitely do it again.

    It really was a fun year.
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    My hat is off to you. Club presidency can be very difficult and time consuming. And sometimes many members are unappreciative.

    I salute those who stand to the challenge.
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    My hat is off to you. First for taking the president's position and second, knowing that sometimes new blood is essential to keep the train on the tracks and knowing that too many hats on the head get very heavy.

    Knowing you, you left the office and club in better shape than it was when you took office.
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    Yes, sir! You also have been there many other times and understand what it takes.

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