WA3WSJ HF Pedestrian Mobile and Summits on the Air

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    This was posted under Club Management but I think it is more appropriate here.

    WA3WSJ explained the ins and and outs of HF Pedestrian Mobile and brought numerous parts of his HF Pack Radio with him for the demonstration.

    WA3WSJ is also the W3 Summits On The Air Manager. He included this topic in his presentation since several of our club members have been chasing SOTA awards. This is a fascinating and often overlooked part of the Amateur Radio Hobby and it is fun not only for the Hams that trek to the summits but also to the chasers who work them. There are numerous awards available but they are not all that easy to get. Such as the "Shack Sloth" award for working a certain number of summit activations.

    HP Pack and Pedestrian Mobile is a great way to get out of the shack, take the hobby with you, enjoy the great outdoors, and make some interesting contacts.

    Check out WA3WSJ's web site and if you club is interested in a presentation then send Ed and email. He is eager to spread the word.


    It was a really enjoyable presentation and fits well with QRP operations too.

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