You want to know what makes a great Christmas Present?

Discussion in 'Digital Modes' started by W.T. Jones, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. W.T. Jones

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    Let me tell that every now and then I get a Christmas Present in the form of an email. I received this email from a Ham in Wichita, KS, yesterday....

    Hello Walter,

    I am relatively new to fldigi and its software packages. I have been checking in to the SATERN southern net on Saturdays at 1200. Early check ins start at 1130. I try to save the training files but lately I am doing something wrong. The information does not show up in the flamp receive tab. I think I've found some of my problems so next week may be better.

    But I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your tutorial on flamp receive. I read the help file but not being literate in programming I found your article much easier to understand.

    We have a local digital group and are learning fldigi. The group leader is well versed in digital modes and is willing to help people getting set up and using fldigi.

    Anyway all that to say thank you for your fine tutorial. I hope you do more.



    Never met JB before and I had to take a minute and figure out what he was talking about. Way back in early 2014 I put a tutorial on that was a quick way to configure Flamp. Many of our local Hams used but, of course, a prophet is never recognized in his own country. It was really nice of JB to drop a quick email letting me know it was appreciated and he found it useful.

    What a Christmas Present. This really is one of those many Happy Returns for a good deed.

    Might be a good idea to send someone a note if you use their work and find out that it helps. Might make them do more.

    Just sitting here and smiling.....
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  2. wedgar

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    Very nice "pat on the back"!

    I have found that the more one gives, the more they get back in return. These heart-felt thank you's are so cool...
  3. W.T. Jones

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    As my retired Army Sergeant Major Friend is fond of saying "Abso - Stinkin - lutely!"

    Made my day!
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  4. wedgar

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    You betcha!

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