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    Somehow I feel compelled to add to this topic..... I entitled this Your Local ARC.... Why ????? Well, first, the club you join should be "YOUR" club.... I mean that a group of people is that a group of people, if you add a common interest it can then be an organization.. To be organized with a common interest you need some leadership to extract the voice of the folks that belong to the club/organization .....Ok, advertisement, ARRL is a good place to start.....The League has many years of leadership in amateur radio and what may work in todays environment for your local club........ This is only your guide....Once you elect some one to direct you, they should listen to the members wishes.... To many times the leader/President has his own agenda..... The leader/president is there only as a mediator... The club members should decide what direction they want their organization to move toward..... That said, a ARRL Special Service Club should have members that are willing to preform duties in the community to help the community at large..... First, there should be a good working relationship with the local Emergency Organizations... ie, Volunteer Fire Dept., Police, City Council, and other civic organizations. It goes without saying the Emergency Services should have the Amateur Community behind them as RACES/ACS and local served agencies as the RED Cross, Salvation Army etc. Here's the rub, if you chose this route the entire Amateur Radio Club must be ready to preform as a cohesive group.... Not just one or two members trying to work for the whole membership...... Also, Ham Radio Operators must show that they can preform these duties whenever needed. Alright, that's my pitch for ARES and ACS/RACES..... In order for "YOUR" club to grow and succeed you need more members and training..... Tech session after club meetings, field trials, help in training for higher class licenses, Volunteer Examiners, Elmers, possible repeater and a social atmosphere that encourages members to participate... I invite you to make comments on how to motivate ARC members, instill the value of active participation in club activities and forward the principals of HAM Radio in the community....These comments should be positive, there are enough Negative one to go around ... TXN de Skip
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    One of the more successful clubs in the Western PA Section is Skyview Radio Society near New Kensington. This club has activities scheduled weekly. Their members are active in many amateur radio events. They've taken a train trip from Pittsburgh to Newington, CT to visit ARRL HQ.

    They do classes and VE sessions.

    They do things together as a group and really enjoy each other's company in doing amateur radio events.

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